Get Rid of Your Employees

For the past few hundred years, employees have been a pretty great thing to have. But that’s all over now. Employees just aren’t useful anymore.

You see, during the Industrial Revolution, we developed a massive machine that was capable of making other machines. And all the machines we made were ultimately made of people. They were rough approximations of things that we would do if we had the right kind of machine power. Employees were educated in things like handwriting and arithmetic so that they could be parts of these machines, these massive–what will we call them?–computers!

A couple centuries later, we finally have on the horizon what we really wanted this whole time: Machines that could do all our machine work for us. So we no longer need employees. What we need today is partners.

And that’s why you’re going to get rid of all your employees. Because instead, these people who were once pieces of a machine will become the people who scheme new machines and new businesses and new and better ways of doing things. They will be the ones to introduce new ideas and new perspectives.

This is what our workforce is becoming: a superpower of humanity, unchained from the need to keep up the drudgery of machine work. You will see your former employees bringing value to the table that neither you nor they at one point thought was possible.

This isn’t the distant future. This is happening now. Today. And it entails bigger changes than many people realize. But it is also bright with possibility and the hope of a healthier world.

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